Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tackling Your Demons!

Tonight, I tackled a major running demon. You see, there is this hill, well not really a hill but a slight incline that is very long in length. When I attempted to run it, I would have to stop half way or sometimes 2-3 times depending on the day. Tonight I ran the entire length with out stopping. I kept telling myself I could do it, I ignored the discomfort and struggle my legs were having, and I kept running. After I passed the half way point I knew I was going to do it. At that point, it gave me extra strength to continue, because I actually BELIEVED I could accomplish it.

I have realized that believing you can do it, and doing it is not far from each other. Once you believe, you can achieve it. Running has re-taught me belief in myself. I continue to challenge myself and reach those challenges. It really is uplifting.

As for my other weight loss demons. Calorie Counting. Gah!!!! Let me tell you, it is not simple. Not simple at all. There are so many head games you can play with yourself. Things such as rationalizing that it's ok to over eat, or thinking you deserve something that isn't good for you, but will fill some hole you have emotionally. Rewards are also big. I tend to reward myself with food after I've done a good job at working out, undoing everything I just worked so hard for.

Things are changing for me. I keep trying, I haven't given up yet. Now I am counting calories and watching my possible weight loss change when I choose to eat things I shouldn't after I've already had enough. This new excel sheet my Running Instructor gave introduced to me really is helping me see how my eating is affecting or rather sabotaging my weight loss. It's a rather rude eye opener if you ask me. I just hope that I can keep up with the calorie counting. It's going to make or break this weight loss journey. Thats what it's all about right? Calories in and calories out. It's really just that simple.

If only it was easy.....

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