Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 3 of Sugar Detox VS Who Put Cake on my plate?

I woke up this morning 4 lbs down total for the entire week. How good does that make me feel!! Amazing Let me tell you. After all these months, and weeks of working hard and nothing. Finally some headway.

I knew I had a rough day a head of me. We had a church gathering and when there is a church gathering there is lots of good yummy food. My plan was to stick to veggies, fruit, and meat. I did that and stayed away from all the garlic bread and pasta. I did great for dinner !!. Then desert came. I decided I would have some cobbler. My friend made it and she said she put 2 table spoons in the entire fruit base, not including the crust. I figured I would have just a small scoop. It wouldn't be that bad. Then when I wasn't looking someone put a peice of cake on my plate. I really didn't want the cake. So I took my plate, with the cobbler, and cake back to my table... and ate it. I made my husband take a bite of the cake because I didnt' want to eat all of it.

So I feel like this day was a bust..... due to the cobbler and cake, otherwise I did great. No other plans to break out some carbs and eat them. So I should be ok for the rest of the night.

I wonder if I'll ever break through a point where my body is clean of sugar. If I will ever reach that point of detox. I will keep trying. I hope to reach a good solid week of no sugar and only good carbs.

Lets hope I can still keep my 4 lbs off by morning.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sugar & Bad Carb Detox

So I'v seen people who are big like me loose a lot of weight by watching their carb intake. I believe my carb intake is off the charts too and it could be why I'm not loosing. Also, probably my body just doesn't like all these carbs and sugars and is getting inflamed by so much of the bad stuff.

Yesterday I began a one week journey of a sugar/bad carb detox. I decided I would do this for one week. I would try my hardest to be as strict as possible and follow it the best I could.

I did great all day yesterday and was free flowing with the veggies, fruits cheese and meats. I did allow a low carb tortilla wrap for lunch. I'm not trying to eliminate carbs totally, but live a low carb lifestyle basically. I just want to stay in a more healthy range.

I was amazed at how many things sugar is in. For example, I forgot sugar is in ketchup and salad dressings, and some tomato sauces. I was also really amazed at how many carbs I was consuming as well as sugar that I didn't even realize.

By the afternoon I was "jonesing" for some bad carbs.... anything... and everything I could get my hands on. My husband went to go get the mail, and also chased down the Schwans Truck driver and brought home lite ice cream sandwiches. I did give in. I had just one. But later on I had a a Greek yogurt which also had sugar content.

My over all view of the day is that there is room for improvement. I did good, but I can do better. I did loose one pound this morning and I'm already pleased with the outcome. It makes me want to do it even more.

Today is a new day. Wish me luck
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